A Smoking Gun

A Smoking Gun

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The perfect addition to your kitchen or bar! The Smoking Gun allows you to quickly and easily finish products with natural cool smoke, without adding heat. Create classic flavors, using woods such as hickory and applewood, or expand your culinary creativity by smoking with flavors like teas, spices, and dried flowers. You can add smoky flavor and aroma to meats, fish, vegetables, even delicate foods, like cheeses - without melting them. It is also great for adding smoke to cocktails and beverages - such as an applewood-smoked Bloody Mary or a cigar-smoke infused Manhattan. One-piece, removable anodized aluminum smoking chamber Heavy-duty metal blower fan - will not melt when heated Efficient, low-noise motor Excellent for finishing products that are cooked Sous Vide or other methods where food is not normally directly exposed to fire or smoke. Use classic flavors, such as hickory , mesquite, applewood, cherrywood, or let your imagination take over with things like Lapsang Souchong tea or lavender.

Compared to a traditional smoker, which uses heat and longer smoking times, applying The Smoking Gun™ technique leads to a lighter infusion or subtle finish of smoke. This allows for four quite unusual approaches to smoking:

  • Smoking foods that can't be exposed to the heat of a smoker; for example butter, raw seafood, delicate herbs or vegetables, etc. Infusing liquids, such as cocktails, sauces, marinades or vinaigrettes.
  • Amplifying the natural and subtle smoke aroma in certain ingredients; for example Spanish Arbequina Olives benefit in flavor from a subtle coating of smoke.
  • Infusing liquids or finishing foods with specific and complementing smoke flavors, such as dried flowers, tea leaves, etc.
  • Smoking food tableside, presented under a glass filled with smoke is an exciting way of integrating the smoking process into the diner's overall experience.
  • Package Contents:
    -Smoking Gun Acrylic Stand
    -18" nozzle extender hose
    -4AA batteries
    -0.5 oz sample jars of sawdust
    -Instruction Guide

    The Smoking Gun FAQ